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Hiyaa. welcome to BBW-Unlimited, I'm a twenty something year old guy, love the curves and dig the bbw's and chubbyness. Proud owner of a masters degree in a worthless economy :) This blog is not so much about sexuality and/or porn but more about the beauty of a curved body. Nudity is part of it but I prefer it in an elegant manor. I try to avoid the trashy porny (cheaper) side of nudity and promote the artistic side. Although I something can't help

Hope you enjoy.
If you want to share your curves with me and all the other followers of the Tumblr community you're more than welcome to submit your pictures, videos, voice recordings or stories. Also, you can ASK ME ANYTHING

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...almost forgot to mention THE only disclaimer. MY opinion is always the only correct one...there is simply no alternative ;-)
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